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A pleasure to meet you ...

Adam provides an introduction service that involves a brief meeting in public (cafe, bar, place of your choosing) to see if the two of you click.

There's only room for two in Eden ...
Adam believes every Eve needs a little romance and intimacy. You feel like the only woman in the world, and that the world is paradise ...

Adam's hands can heal ...
Get to heaven through the magic of an erotic sensual massage.

Down to business ...
With Adam straight sex is never boring. But there are also many paths to explore in the garden of earthly delights ...

What's your fantasy ...?
Add a little spice to your life. Live out your fantasies, indulge your secret passions, make the moment yours and give yourself a special treat.

Romance and Intimacy
An Introduction
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Anchor romance and intimacy

A good first impression ...
Adam provides an introduction service that involves a brief meeting in public to see if the two of you click. This is a no obligation meeting. Meet Adam at a cafe or a bar, buy him a coffee or a mineral water, and relax into the conversation as you gaze into his beautiful eyes. After half an hour of friendly, warm conversation you can decide to adjourn somewhere private. Or you may wish to part ways, and admire his cute butt as he walks away ... You may prefer to call back at a later time and arrange a private visit at a place of your choice. If you like it the first time, you may want to try it again and experiment with your fantasies and secret heart's desires.

This service is offered at the special rate of $50 for half an hour. As always payment is made in full at the beginning of the meeting.

If discretion is important to you choose a meeting place that is not near your home or workplace. Adam is, as always, full of suggestions and bright ideas.

Adam is the perfect gentleman for your first trip to paradise.

Let Adam bring your Eve to life right before your eyes. Let Eve be free ...


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How can there be romance with an escort? Isn't it just sex?
The correct definition of romance is exaggeration, invention, fantastic tales, an atmosphere or situation of imaginative, picturesque falsehood.
Adam's intent is to make you feel so special that you feel as if you are the only woman in the world. That's romance. He doesn't know you (yet) and you don't know him. It is an act that you both take part in willingly and knowingly for the sheer pleasure of it. That's romance.

Does intimacy just mean sex?
Adam understands that for some women, being hugged, touched, caressed, and cuddled is often much more important than sex. Sharing each other's company, sharing a special experience of your choosing may be exactly the kind of intimacy you seek. Adam understands that not all women are alike and that you are a unique woman.

How can two people who don't know each other be intimate?
Adam will listen to anything you want to tell him. He will be non judgemental and sympathetic. He has no, and will never have, any involvement in the everyday pressures and stresses of your life. He is the perfect place to unload, unwind and undress. He offers you a closeness and intimacy you can get nowhere else.

What romantic intimate things will we do?
The world is your oyster! Use your imagination, but here are some ideas;

Romantic Settings: Set the stage for romance with candles, soft music, aromatic oils. The right setting for you will heighten your feelings of sensual pleasure ...

Notes or Cards: You are out for an evening for two. A romantic dinner would be the ideal setting but any setting will do. Adam passes a note or card to you describing how he wants the evening to end. You read it, smile and nod. Later you add an event for the evening and pass the note back. Adam waits a few minutes and adds to the message. The exchange of notes can go on as long as you want ...

Fireside: Don't forget a fire in the fireplace with cups of hot chocolate for a cold, rainy, and romantic evening.

Dancing: Go to a romantic and dark nightclub. Kiss, hold hands and slow dance all evening.

Walking: Arm in arm take a walk on the beach, through the bush, or the city back streets. Anywhere quiet, peaceful and preferably deserted or secluded ...


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A story from Adam to fire your imagination ...


Your heart beats fast as you open the door and see me there. Standing tall and confident, a warm smile on my face and eyes that pierce you so. You stare for a moment and then finally, you invite me in. After so much thought and planning, suddenly I am with you. Our small talk gets us through the first awkward moments and you quickly feel at ease. As I sit across from you, you find comfort looking deep into my eyes and soaking in my face.

As we lay back on the bed you feel an intense pulsing between your legs and a deep desire to take my clothes off. Desires unfulfilled have awakened in you ...

I lean in and kiss you softly on your lips, sending electrifying waves through your body. You pull closer to me and revel in the warmth of the embrace. You tense slightly as you feel my hand on your knee, inching its way under your skirt and sliding its way toward your thighs. You bury your head in my neck and hold on tight as I part your legs.
Sweetly I ask, "Are you ready?" You bite your lip, hold your breath and nod your head ...

My soft fingers creep up your thighs trailing goosebumps with each centimetre. They caress your skin and find their way to the top of your panties. Slowly I peel them off and with every motion I make, your heart beats faster. You are losing yourself to the fiery passion building deep inside of you begging to be set free.

Gently I lay you down at the edge of the bed so that your legs dangle down the side. I slide off my shirt and you raise your hands to meet me and run them down my back. You slide them across my chest and down to my stomach. Up and around my arms, feeling every part you can grasp. I roll you over and you sit on top of me. I pull your top and bra off and I put my hands on your hips. Slowly tracing your skin my hands find their way to your breasts and I touch you softly. Small moans escape your mouth as I continue to explore your body feeling you warm, and very wet against my stomach.

You slide down my body and slowly unbutton my pants, pushing them down and leaving me in my boxers. But the bulge in my pants causes your curiosity to take over any last inhibitions and you pull them down slowly as well. My hardness stands in all its glory, unbound in front of you.

You place your fingers on it, touching it, almost as if to make sure that it is really there for the taking. Squeezing and caressing you get to know my body.

I reach down and grab your waist. I pull you up so that I can kiss you again. I pull down your skirt, the last barrier between us and you melt into my arms. Our bodies are so warm together and we spend a while rolling around the bed, rubbing and touching, kissing and licking. We lay on our sides, kissing softly and you feel my hand make its way between your legs again.

You hold your breath as I run my hands over you, caressing softly. I twirl my fingers around your wetness and you push up to meet my hand. You moan when I dip my finger inside of you. All the way in pushing through the wetness. I pull it out only to push it back in and add another finger. Slowly searching the inside of your body, pumping them in and out of you for a while. Then I replace them with my warm breath. You feel the hot air around your skin and it sends shivers through your body. I kiss the inside of your thighs and slowly work my way toward your beckoning wetness.

I push my tongue inside, darting it in and out of you. Your world spins and you gasp for air as your body shakes beneath me. I crawl up and kiss you, your sweet taste lingers on my lips and I hold you close.

We lay in each other's arms for a moment, you listening to the pounding of my chest. I rub myself up against you and your legs feel my hardness that still beckons to be played with. Your hands creep down and you stroke me.

I gently push you so that you are on your back, looking up and totally prepared for what is to come. I position myself on top of you and glaze your skin with soft kisses making you writhe under me.

I widen your legs and look warmly into your eyes, as you feel my hard head against your wetness. I dip in and then out. I tease you for a while this way, moving a little further in with each thrust. Slowly in...then out. The sensation is intense as I start to fill you up. Sliding inside you until it can't go any further, I lean my weight into you and you push your hips up to meet mine.

I keep a slow and steady pace, sliding in and out of you. You wrap your arms around my body and pull me close. Hear every little noise, every breath, feel my skin as it touches yours, taste my lips on your own. Slowly I continue to grind against you as I whisper sweet words in your ear.

You feel me pick up speed and push a little harder, reaching far inside you. Feeling for the end you push harder and harder. Your tightness sucks me inside you and I groan with passion as I explode, deep and hard. The feeling of me jerking inside of you and the sounds of my sexy voice send you over the edge and you erupt furiously. Your orgasm is intense and you savour the feeling as it streams through your body.

I lay on top of you our breathing labored and heavy. Our bodies moist with sweat and so close you cannot tell where yours begins and mine ends. I whisper my thoughts in your ear and run my fingers through your hair. You wear a smile on your face and as my fingers trail across your skin and yours mine, inside you are bursting with contentment ...


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Be prepared and leave the rest to Adam's expert hands ...

  • Close the door and unplug the phone.

  • Allow plenty of time. A sensual massage is not the type of experience you want to rush.

  • Turn down the light. The lighting should be soft and indirect. Candlelight is perfect. Even natural sunlight shining through a window in the afternoon is terrific.

  • You might want it quiet. This will help Adam feel and hear what you enjoy. Or you might want soft music. You can choose the music or you might want Adam to bring some music with him.

  • You will want the room to be warm. Around 25 degrees Celsius (80 F) will make being naked comfortable.

  • Aroma. A nice scented candle might provide the warmth, light, and scent that will set the mood. You might prefer a lighter, more floral scent (rose or jasmine might be appropriate). Or you might prefer a more rugged, woody scent like cedar or sandalwood.

  • You will want to receive a massage on a flat, firm surface. A firm mattress is acceptable, using pillows on the floor is good too. A massage table is best, but not everyone has one of these.

  • Cleanliness. Although it isn't essential to be clean before a massage, you will certainly be more relaxed if you are clean. This massage will involve every area of the body including such places as behind the ears and between the toes. Save your time and money and bathe just before Adam arrives. Or if you feel comfortable, you and he could bath or shower together. Either way Adam will be freshly showered when he arrives.

  • You should prepare like you are preparing for bed. You might want to remove your contacts, your makeup, and have your teeth brushed. You are about to experience something special and you might want to sleep or have sex (or both) afterward.

Where did he learn to do that?

Giving and Receiving Erotic Massage


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Erotic Sensual Masssage

In the Garden of Eden Adam adores Eve ...

What sort of fantasies?
The most erogenous zone in the body is the mind. Let your mind go and imagine all the sexy things you could get up to ... there's no limit to your imagination, but here are some ideas;

Queen for a Day: (8 - 12 hours) Your every whim catered for, every door opened for you, your hand held every step. Your totally dedicated and ever faithful man servant can cook, clean, chauffeur (client to provide vehicle) as per your every instruction. You won't need to lift a finger. Adam, your servant, will lift it for you and put it on his ...
Queen for half a Day: (3 - 6 hours)

Good help is not so hard to find ...
Pool Guy: Summer is coming and the pool needs cleaning. Live out the classic porno scenario ... but be careful, slippery when wet.

Tradie: Got a job only a man can do? Call Adam to come to you as a plumber, electrician, carpenter or handy man. And yes, he has a tool box and is very good with his hands ...

Delivery Guy: "Excuse me m'am, I've got a package here for a Ms. Eve." Offer him a cuppa, a break from his delivery run. So, what's in the package? ...

See a show ...
Private shows: A one on one strip and a private lap dance ... or let Adam sing for you. He'll croon until you swoon as a raunchy rocker or a slow burning torch singer.

Hear a story ...
Dirty talk: Curl up in bed and have Adam read you a bed time story. Dirty smut tales or steamy passionate stories ...


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Your Fantasies
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