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A Man of Substance ...


Imaginative, creative, artistic and musical.


A sharp mind with a physical incline.


A taste for the sensual and an eye for the fine.


An ear to listen, not just hear.


A body to entwine without fear.

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* 8 years experience as an independent escort
* Late 30s, 177cm (5'10"), 77kg, lean and fit, short dark brown hair, waxed and trimmed manscaping
* Warm, sensual and welcoming but also open minded, naughty and adventurous
* University educated, well spoken and a lover of arts and culture

Escorts ('Sex Workers') in the state of Victoria, Australia are legal if the individual sex worker registers with the state Business Licensing Authority. The sex worker is then allocated a SWA registration number. This number cannot be transferred to or used by any other person.


Escorts in Victoria can only provide a visiting sexual service. It is illegal to work from the worker's own home; the service must be provided in the client's home or at a hotel/motel that the client books and pays for.

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